Air Bubble Film

YK sales Corporations deals in all types of air bubble roll, bags and sheets.
Available range of air bubble film is 25-120 GSM (Grams Square Meter).

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Air bubble film is a multi-layer plastic sheet with trapped air bubble. It is shock resistant and waterproof packaging material. This material is tenaciously printable. It is suitable for packing fragile as well as high glossy items. The bubble sheet for the pink antistatic bubble bag can prevent the product to be damaged during the product handling and transportation period due to collision or static electricity reasons. Such bag is applicable to the packing of general electronic product.

The Air Bubble film manufactured by us is useful to wrap on various products like furniture, glass, fragile products and auto parts. The Sandwich Air Bubble Film offer by us is made by various laminated sheets depending on product uses and required thickness. Available in all grades depending upon product’s technological and commercial value. It is useful against EPS / EPE packaging by its unique characteristic of grade. All special grades are available in standard sizes or it can be tailored as required by the client.

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